"Some straight talk about buying and selling businesses"​

a word about buying and selling businesses

Do not. I repeat do not buy or sell a business without talking to an expert in the matter. It does not have to be us, but please - we will feel much better with you having an expert in your corner when going into a buy or sell situation.

If you are selling your business, chances are 70-80% of your net worth is tied up in your business. If you are buying a business, chances are you will be taking on significant debt over a 7-10 years term.

We've seen businesses sell for as little as 1X revenue to as much as 10X EBITDA. That's a BIG SWING and trust me you are more in control of that than you might think.

Getting top dollar for your business or making sure you are not overpaying for a business starts with getting a business valuation from someone who has YOUR BACK. That is very important as brokers will develop their own "informal valuations" that are mostly cookie cutter and fail to dive into the details that can effect a business valuation.

With that said, the harsh truth is that finding a qualified expert that can assist with you buying a business or selling a business is difficult. There aren't many Certified Valuation Analysts ("CVA") in the United States, better yet CVAs that are ALSO CPAs. This means that you might cost yourself some money by not looking into some hidden areas in a buy or sell situations that can effect a valuation. Things like "quality of earnings", "organization structure", "normalized earnings v EBITA" can be missed and cost you big time as these areas have significant impact to an overall valuation of a business.

For that reason we put together a special report that can you use to get more money from your business in an exit situation. By reading this report - you could potentially

-Discover the right question to ask when looking for the right buyer for your business
-Learn how to find the perfect buyer
-Understand how to work with professionals helping you with the transaction
-How to assemble the team for your transaction
-The ins and outs of the business selling business

These are 5 things that can result in you getting our report. Go to the link below to get more information. Give us your information. And receive the report almost immediately. Selling or buying a business can be a lengthy process - so be sure to get your hands on this information now.

accomplish a Seamless Business transaction and avoid common "traps"

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