Business Valuation

How Can We Help You? 

Need to know what your business is worth? Need expert testimony on a tight timeline so you can gain a quick win? Our business valuation experts can help you. We also have staff members who are fluent in Spanish, eliminating the added time and costs of involving an interpreter or translator.

Achieve a seamless business transition.

Are you buying or selling a business? Planning a merger or acquisition? Determining how to transfer your estate or other assets? The right asset valuation sets the foundation for a successful and seamless transition.

  • Business valuation
  • Financial forcasting
  • Business plan creation
  • 409a valuation

The JAG Difference

We are passionate, forward-thinking entrepreneurial CPAs who are driven to see our clients succeed. Through the JAG Difference, we offer the right business solutions to help our clients turn their dreams and visions into reality.


Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. We believe in this so much that we guarantee your satisfaction or you don’t have to pay us. Seriously. The only thing that is required of you is to let us know what the issue was. Continuous improvement is part of our culture and that means learning from our mistakes.

Fixed Price Agreements

When it comes to your relationship with your business adviser, are you buying their time or their results? We think it’s results. For that reason, we have transparent pricing and communicate clear results. This works by having open and honest communications. We will let you know what we can and can’t do. We want to know what is important to you and your business so that we can deliver.

No Surprise Billing

We know we’re the experts and you’ve hired us to delivery top notch results. What this means is that sometimes we find other opportunities or risk areas that need to be addressed that were previously not known. When this happens, we will initiate a “Change Order Request”. Specifically, we’ll let you know what the issue is and the corresponding price to address. No surprise invoices.

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We serve a variety of different industries. Are you ready for find out how we can serve you?