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The US Attorney General’s Cyber Digital Task Force recently issued a comprehensive report outlining the United States’ framework for enforcement against cryptocurrency-related crimes. If you own crypto the government is very interested in you.

Shehan Chandrasekera is known as a “Cypto-Guru”, he was one of the first published CPA on the matter in the nationally circulated Tax Adviser Magazine. Furthermore, h
e actively contributes to Forbes and has served as the head of Tax Strategy for CoinTracker, a Bitcoin Tax Software and Crypto Portfolio Manager.

We know crypto tax issues. We know what the IRS is looking for. And we can help you.

There are a lot of good people who use cryptocurrency, unfortunately tax evasion is one of the three major ways that bad people use cryptocurrency. This is a compliance problem for anyone who owns cryptocurrency as the IRS is motivated and interested in finding out who uses cryptocurrency and if they are reporting it correctly.


The problem is that people who trade cryptocurrencies typically are active traders. They are exchanging and moving crypto across wallets and exchanges. This causes an organization nightmare! Moreover, there is a lot of information pertaining to cryptocurrency – some old and some new. Not to mention, there are some areas that absolutely lack information requiring professional judgement and application of the current laws and Regulations.

So the IRS is interested in you if you own cryptocurrency at the time that the availability of information is limited and expertise even more scare.

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