Experts Claim Taxes Are Going Up, Here’s The Low Down On What Is Really Happening

There’s a growing sense of urgency among Houston business owners about business taxes going up, but what is really happening?

After reviewing the proposed changes, there are some surprising discoveries that are important to you if you are a business owner paying at least $30,000 in federal income taxes.

My name is Joe Gallegos, and I am Houston’s tax planning authority and am located just minutes from where you now live. In fact, many people tell me that my kind of office is an endangered species, soon to be driven out by the grips of “remote working”. I don’t believe it.  I think there’s still a place for a local CPA’s office that knows you by name and is available to relieve you of all your tax worries and pains.

Pay close attention – as many others are crying that the sky is falling, we’re looking at this situation as an opportunity to get our private clients to look at different tax planning strategies that they may not have considered just a few months ago.

The Reality Of The Tax Changes

You see the difference with these proposed changes compared to prior tax reform is that a lot of the tax opportunities that are out there are mostly staying in-tact.

Right now, it looks like the proposals are mostly related to a rate increase to earners making over $400,000, a higher corporate tax rate, and people with estates that are over $5,000,000.

However, many of the same strategies I wrote about in my book about tax planning are STILL IN PLAY.

And because rates are expected to increase for high earners you should revisit your organization structure, executive compensation, and deduction optimization, and niche strategies –

There’s no crying during tax season, and there’s no cry during tax changes – we just need to take advantage of this moment to re-assess and implement.

If it works for my private clients, it will work you –

Our tax wall system is designed to “leave no deduction” behind.

A New Tax Diagnostic System

We’ve created a proprietary tax diagnostic system that will review more than 60+ strategies to determine which ones apply to you.

You can take a look at some of our strategies by getting your free Tax Wall kit in our resource section of our website.

We’ll also send you The Definitive Guide On Tax Strategies that comprises some of our best tax strategies that we use for our private clients.

All of that said, I have to admit that the most recent tax changes have created a backlog of client applications for us and there is no guarantee that we will be able to help you.

That’s why we give out our resources for free, so that at least Houston business owners can have some idea on their tax planning options. The Houston business community has been very good to us and we see this as an opportunity to give back.

Some of these strategies are also time sensitive, so if you are unable to get in contact with us, be sure to contact another Houston CPA office to help you.

Because of all of that it’s important to get in contact as soon as possible.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joe Gallegos has created tax strategies and operating systems for businesses that have saved taxes, increased cash flow, and profits. As the Managing Partner of Tax an Consulting for JAG + Argueta CPA Firm , Joe has taught hundreds of business owners his step-by-step strategies for creating their own success and obtaining more time and more profits. For more profit creating business tips, tactics and strategies, sign up up for our tips here.


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