Pioneers Die – The Truth About Business Innovation

As an entrepreneur, there’s a luring temptation to become the “first mover”. In other words, become the first person to offer a unique service or product.

In fact, there was a time not to long ago where I was invested in a new idea for about two months. I spent money and embarrassing amounts of time to try to create “this thing” –

I even invested in a coach that was familiar with “this thing” I was trying to create. When I was working with him and finally asked “hey “Jim”, how much is this really going to cost?” – His voice changed, he suddenly become excited and he said, “Joe, you know what – the truth is you are going to be a lot more successful focusing on your core business and this can be great lunch box money…”

When he told me this – I was actually very excited. I finally had clarity about what I needed to focus on – and I didn’t waste tons of money on the other project…

I guess this story has a happy ending –

On the other hand, for every happy ending, how many more tragedies are there?

How many people tried to chase an unproven market – only to fail…

You see the truth is… Pioneers die. For every Pioneer that has made it to the moon– became a “first mover” there are thousands more who have died.

A lot of Pioneers died searching for the new world, trying to expand west, trying to colonize news lands – trying to be “first movers”.

So, you see if it is very dangerous to embark in unchartered waters –

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t – there are times where you have no other choice, but to – Still, you should think accurately about making this kind of decision –

Ask my team what I preach when it comes to “doing something” –

I always say – “You should not create anything from scratch”


Because it’s rare to find a truly new idea and if it is a new idea then another possible explanation could be that someone tried before and failed (there was no market)

So, the point of this post is to remember that Pioneers die – most of the time it’s more prudent to pursue sure-fire markets.

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