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With nearly 25 years of combined professional experience, JAG Argueta has been helping businesses and non-profits get a grip on their operations and achieve more peace of mind.

Whether consulting with private clients, or through books, or through online webinars, or seminars, our Partners' mission is helping motivated businesses and non-profits increase their property by mastering the art of prudent financial stewardship.

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The Tax-Wall

This teaches you 23 practical tax eliminating strategies you can begin to use to cut taxes and increase cash flow. Ideal for businesses paying at least $20,000 in taxes or more.

Business Acquisition and
Exit Mastery Toolkit

These guides teach you the A-B-C's of buying and exiting a business. Learn the keys on how to get top dollar for your business. Save yourself the feeling of "buyer's remorse" by having the information you need to close a business acquisition confidently.

A Consumer's Guide To Choosing An External Auditor

Choosing the wrong external auditor can be a disaster. This guide will help you avoid common mistakes and breakthrough costly misconceptions to help you choose the right external auditor for your business or non-profit.

SMART Prosperity System and Toolkit

Discover the 5 pillars essential to achieving prosperity and peace of mind in your business or non-profit. Never again worry about getting a grip on your business or non-profit.

Ideal for businesses with at least $1,000,000 in sales.

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